CHE (Community Health Education) Togo is an amazing organization directed by Daniel Kpowbie. Their focus is on community, health, and education. His main project is Mawuto (God’s) Farm in Lome, Togo. The farm employs six locals and grows crops to sell at local markets. Thanks to a donated tractor and farming supplies, Daniel and his helpers are growing pineapple and corn. Their water irrigation system allows them to farm year-round compared to only certain seasons like other Togolese farmers.

The Bill Adams Sewing Center, dedicated in 2015, provides jobs for 13 ladies. The center teaches women how to sew children’s clothing, outfits, curtains, and more. The goal is to teach women a trade where they can be self-sufficient.

One of our favorite aspects to CHE Togo is they seek to educate rather than solve problems on their own. They get the community on board and use their input to find a solution. This model allows for the communities they support to remain sustainable without Daniel. His passion for sharing the Lord with others is contagious.

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