Our Partners

Our Food Agency Partners make a impact in the community. Together we can fight food insecurity through relationships and resources!

“Organizations like Master Provision that exist out there to meet the needs of those who are hurting and struggling weekly. I hear from people who say that they wouldn’t know what they would do if if this went away, because the government food stamp programs are either being cut back or eliminated. Many of these people would just go hungry, so it’s imperative that these kind of programs continue to thrive and prosper so that we can have a healthy and prosperous community.”

Charles Lambert

United Christian Volunteers

“Our residents usually come from jail or off the streets, so they don’t know what kind of meal they’re going to get or where they’re going to get a good meal at. So when they come to our house we always tell them we’re going to love them and feed them and protect them. Master Provisions help us with a lot of our meat so they can have pork chops for dinner and all kinds of yummy things and that’s really what makes them happy is the better the meal the happier the girls!”

Erica Owens

Brighton Recovery Center

“It has given us another area to enhance the therapy that we are providing for the children to be able to give them the opportunity to eat good home-cooked meals”

Kathy Dikeos

New Day Ranch

Our Volunteers

Master Provisions is supported by the dedication of our volunteers. Together, volunteers progress Master Provisions to connect more resources to needs.

“When I first came I had no clue who anybody else was except for my friends, but then the more and more we worked the more I started to get to know about people. Everybody was just great who I worked with I really had a great time. Every time I come here they always tell us how we’re helping a bunch of people and the more I’m doing the work here I really feel like I’m actually helping them.”

Jack Runkel

Student Volunteer

“I was searching for a good volunteer activities for my students, but more recently it’s been more spirit-led. From us volunteering here we have  really connected with the other volunteers. We always know Master Provisions has lunch for us, so that’s a wonderful time for us to just share a meal and get to know each other.”

Gary & Julia Palmer

Weekly Volunteers

“I always feel like volunteering at Master Provisions is something that God is leading me to do. I have had food partner agencies tell me that they come in needing a certain product, and when they look at Master Provisions distribution line that the product they need will be there for them. So I think in those ways God shows us little miracles.”

Mary Tewes

Weekly Volunteer