Roger Babik

Roger is the Founder and Further the MPact Campaign Chair who started the mission on a call to serve.

Roger’s life was drastically changed in 1994 when a friend asked him to take a leap of faith. After the fall of communism, Ukraine desperately needed clothing, jobs, and evangelism. Roger founded Master Provisions (MP) shortly after, with a mission to provide to those in need. For two years, he balanced starting a ministry and his corporate job. In 1996, Roger walked away from a 17-year telecommunications career to follow God’s call full-time.

An ordained pastor, Roger has gifts of public speaking, serving, faith and administration as well as creative writing. He authored a book “Call Against the Will” in 2006. Roger has led 49 international mission trips since founding MP and travels regularly to represent the mission.

In addition to international outreach, MP started meeting local hunger needs in 2013 and launched a transportation social enterprise in 2015. Master Provisions now serves over 68,000 people monthly, has over 200 local partnerships, and supports eight international ministries.

In addition to his work at Master Provisions, Roger also serves on the following; Chair member of the Community Service Team for Florence Rotary, board member of the Boone County Business Association, and American Schools International, Leadership Team member of Covington Business Council Connects, committee member for NKY Chamber Annual Golf Event Planning Team, and member of First Church of Christ.