Ghana/West Africa: First Church Impact Mission

prayerThrough our partnership with First Church of Christ in Burlington, KY, Master Provisions began working with First Church Impact Mission (FCIM) in 2006. FCIM moved their headquarters to Ghana in 2015 after building ministries in Niger and Burkina Faso. We established a poultry farm in Niger in 2013 that is in limited operation today. FCIM planted 3 churches in and around the capital city of Niamey. They still operate a church in Ouagadougou. The sewing center that creates jobs for women and proceeds to support the work of FCIM was moved to Ghana where it began operations in AugustĀ 2016. The sewing center currently employs 10 seamstress trainees and 2 full-time training teachers, and hopes to employ an additional 5 trainees by the end of the year. The mission of FCIM is to equip and train leaders, plant churches, and provide practical assistance in the areas of job creation related to farming and sewing.