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One in six people in our community will experience hunger at some time during the year. Master Provisions’ food outreach program works with partner agencies to help feed our hungry neighbors. We pick up donated surplus food from area distributors and make it available to nonprofits in the Tri-State area. These are high quality, nutritious fresh foods that would otherwise go to a landfill. MP “rescues” these products so that soup kitchens, shelters, neighborhood food pantries and other groups can use this surplus to provide healthy food to the hungry. Since this outreach started, MP has made 10 million pounds of food available to over 200 non-profit agencies. Some personal care or household cleaning items are also available to help the neediest in our community.

Volunteers make this program possible—both the hundreds of volunteers who help MP manage these resources and the volunteers from the partner agencies who come to MP to pick up food.

Most of this donated food is fresh: fruits, vegetables, dairy and bakery products, beverages, and some frozen entrees.

Our food partners report that the people they feed are often eating fresh fruits and vegetables for the first time, and becoming healthier as a result.

In 2015, MP installed a 1408 square-foot cold storage and freezer unit. This doubled the cold storage space available to area nonprofits engaged in hunger relief.

Master Provisions is a member of the food committee of the Safety Net Alliance of Northern Kentucky. Its food outreach serves people in in Greater Cincinnati (11 counties in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana) as well as Appalachian counties in Southeastern Kentucky.

MP Clothing Icon 2016Clothing

Master Provisions receives donated clothing and shoes and distributes these items to people in need, again through partner agencies who serve the poor. MP can always use donations of good used clothing and shoes! MP’s clothing program also relies on dedicated volunteers. They host clothing drives at partner churches, businesses and organizations. They also work in MP’s warehouse, sorting the clothing and packing it to ship to partner agencies. MP volunteers make sure the clothing is undamaged and appropriate to the climate and culture of the people who will receive it.

MP’s U.S. partners usually request winter clothing, especially coats, hats, gloves and scarves. MP’s international partners are primarily in warm climates and ask for summer-weight clothing as well as shoes. We supply overseas partners, including Ghana, Honduras, Kosova, and Togo.

Some of these items are given away freely, while most are sold at low prices in line with low area wages. This helps create jobs and produce income for our ministry partners. Sewing machines and materials are also shipped to help create sewing shops and create jobs for women. Once trained as seamstresses, these women repurpose some of the clothing they receive to create clothing for children or household items.

MP Orphan Care Icon 2016Orphan Care

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”—James 1:27

Master Provisions recruits financial sponsors whose gifts support the care of former orphans in their home country and culture. Currently, 200 former orphans in Ukraine and Togo now reside in loving Christian homes through these efforts.

In Ukraine and Togo political upheaval and poverty have led to large numbers of “social orphans”, children who may having a living parent not able to care for them. MP’s local mission partners help move these children from state-run orphanages or life on the streets to live with caring families. Sponsors’ donations of $50 per month go entirely to help these families with the expense of caring for an additional child. In Ukraine, MP partners with My Home for Orphans; in Togo, Medical Ambassadors oversees orphan care. 

Africa2012-65Mission Trips

Master Provisions sponsors short-term mission trips to work alongside our partner agencies overseas. Past trips have included medical missions, helped plant local churches, and established programs to teach people job and life skills. The goal is to help communities achieve self-sufficiency.

Recent mission trips dedicated the Bill Adams Sewing Center in Togo; assisted a school in Prishtina, Kosova; helped expand the Hill Climber Coffee Farm in Honduras; and helped expand operations at Mawuto (God’s) Farm in Togo.

Please check our website for information about future mission trip opportunities.

IMG_6843Social Enterprise

Master Provisions earns some of its operating funds through a social enterprise. This program leverages MP’s existing fleet of trucks and staff expertise in logistics.

When trucks are not needed to transport food or clothing, they are used for paid expedited freight deliveries. Customers are often the food distributors who donate surplus food to Master Provisions. Because MP was familiar with these companies’ operations, they were able to respond to quick requests for extra deliveries.

As the program grew, it has come to employ several truck drivers and offer experience to others who are transitioning to jobs with local transportation companies. The program recently won the 2016 Social Enterprise Award from Flywheel, Greater Cincinnati’s social enterprise hub.

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