At MASTER Provisions, we want to partner with organizations that already work in areas that enhance our strategic objectives.  After learning about ECHO, a non-profit organization that honors God by providing sustainable hunger solutions, we knew that a visit to their Global Farm in Ft. Myers, Florida, was in order.  At the ECHO farm, climates from around the world are recreated and farmed to determine the most efficient and sustainable methods for food production.  ECHO uses discovered knowledge and farming techniques to teach the poor around the world how to grow food for themselves and make the most of their resources.  ECHO makes inroads to solving food crisis problems that devastate much of our world!


As we begin our MASTER Connect farming projects, MASTER Provisions has gleaned some great ideas from ECHO that will positively impact our partnerships.  For example, ECHO  hosts global conferences around the world to educate area leaders on better farming practices that can be incorporated into their communities. This September, ECHO will be hosting their second annual conference in Ouagadougou, Burkino Faso, West Africa. We are sending Kwame and Emmanuel Yeboah-Mantey, our partners in Niger, to the conference so that they can learn practices that will help them to better manage the poultry and agriculture farm in Niamey.


While visiting the Global Farm, Roger and Leah learned about many creative ways to more effectively utilize resources in third world countries. We learned about methods such as drip irrigation and using old tires as pots for flowers (in every third world country, old tires are a dime a dozen). One of the most interesting things we learned about was the Moringa Tree. The Moringa tree couples an amazing ability to grow in harsh climates with a myriad of medicinal uses and health benefits. Nutritionally, fresh Moringa leaves have 2 times as much protein as yogurt, 3 times the potassium of bananas, 3 times the iron of spinach, 4 times the calcium of milk and a whopping 7 times the vitamin C of oranges. The Moringa tree flourishes in both arid and tropical environments and can be used to purify water and feed livestock. This tree could literally provide nourishment for thousands. And, who’s going to tell us that God didn’t create the earth and everything in it?

This diagram is property of Trees for Life International

God is moving in our ministry. We are excited about the MASTER Connect projects in Niger to complete a poultry farm, agricultural farm and medical clinic. We are hoping and praying that God uses MASTER Provisions as a tool to help feed those who are dying due to malnutrition and sickness.  Please pray about partnering with us – keep the hungry in Niger in your prayers, give financially so that we can complete the projects more quickly or travel with us on a medical evangelism trip to serve thousands of sick people in Niger. We desire to meet these overwhelming physical so that we have the opportunity to share with every man, woman and child in all of our partner countries about the remedy for our sins as we point the way to our Savior, Jesus Christ!