Ukraine Orphan Care

Sponsor an orphan from Ukraine! The list of children below are currently looking for sponsors. All of the children were orphans but have been placed into a home through Foster Care or adopted into a new family. Your sponsorship helps each of the families care for the new child(ren) and their needs. For children in the foster program, sponsorships are $25/month. Sponsorships for adopted children are $50/month.

To sponsor a child, please email with the child’s name.

shtyhno-makar-2015-copyMakar Shtyhno
DOB: 7/31/09
About Me: I live in a big family with lots of older brothers.  I was so lucky to come to the family and my parents say I am “everybody’s favorite”.  Maybe that’s because I wasn’t able to say much when I first came and now I can tell others lots of things.  I went to kindergarten and had speech therapy.  In fact I can talk so well I recited a Bible verse in front of the whole church and it came out OK.  I am the first boy to pray when we have family prayers.  God helps me conquer fears like when we went to the sea last summer.  I was so afraid but learned how much fun it is to swim.  Now I can’t wait to go back.
Sponsorship: $25/month


nebrat-david-2016-copyDavid Nebrat
DOB: 11/11/03
About Me: 
I was born November 1, 2003 and live in Kherson, Ukraine. My mom died of cancer when I was very young, and then my dad left me and my siblings and remarried. So, I now live with my grandmother. My favorite activities include going to school and playing street football.  It is so much fun to go to church with my family.  My great love is music, and I study at “The School of Levites” and play the drums.
Sponsorship: $25/month



leyko-yaroslav-2015-copyYaroslav Leyko
DOB: 06/05/06
About Me: My name is Yaroslav and I go to school in Kherson. I got a diploma for being an A student and now I am also going to music school.  I like to draw, paint and take guitar lessons.  Outside I like to dream and catch grasshoppers.  The first time I went fishing I caught a big fish on the first try so I am good at figuring things out.  I go to Sunday school where I learned to pray and I ask a lot of questions about God.
Sponsorship: $25/month



goleva-valya-2015-copyValentina Golev
About Me: My name is Valentina  and I am called Valya by my new family.  I have lived in this home for only a little while but learned so much! My parents say I am learning fast to make up for lost time.  I am always eager to help milk cows, feed the chickens and clean.  I am only 4 years old and may be little but I can do a lot.  We have church meetings at home where I am learning about Jesus and I am starting to remember songs and Bible stories.  I can’t wait till I can go to school next year and tell others about Jesus.
Sponsorship: $25/month


golev-viktor-2015-copyViktor Golev
DOB: 08/24/04
About Me: I came to live in a Christian home a short time ago.  The Lord must have touched my heart because I used to be an atheist who threatened to become a physicist just to prove that there is no God.  My family has church meetings at home so I know they pray for my spiritual growth.  Because I am interested in Bible movies and documentaries I have learned to ask good questions about God.  Now I offer to pray for our food and am starting to pray on my own.  God is so good and I am lucky to be in this big, wonderful family.
Sponsorship: $25/month


zhenia-golev-copyYevgeniy (Zhenia) Golev
DOB: 06/09/14
About Me: I am the baby of the family, almost 2 years old.  When I came to live with my new family I was called “little professor” because I never smiled and didn’t expect any attention.   I was used to being by myself.  Now the professor is gone and I can’t be ignored.  I follow my new daddy around everywhere.  I repeat everything after him, carry nuts and bolts around the house and ask for help with my play construction kits.  Our church meetings are at home so I get to hear the songs about Jesus from my family that sings to me.  I can’t wait to grow big and learn more about Jesus!
Sponsorship: $25/month


Sasha Gaidai
DOB: 01/14/2000
About Me: My name is Sasha. I live with my sisters and parents in Berislav, Ukraine.  They say I am a very active boy because I love sports. I play soccer and participate in various sports competitions in school where I get many awards and diplomas. My favorite class is Physical Education.  I also like to make crafts. I am my dad’s first helper at home.   I watch, study, then try to do something myself. I like to sing and dance, especially at Church where I can listen to and reflect on sermons.
Sponsorship: $25/month


fedorenko-vadik1-copyVadik Fedorenko
DOB: 11/17
About Me:  I live in the Kherson region of Ukraine in an apartment.  I love to travel where I can see new places and animals.  Once I got to visit the ocean where I could see many new creatures.  I love the mountains, sea and… jellyfish.  I am learning how to pray and read the Bible when I go to church with my family. I want to be like David from the Bible.  David was not mean, he was kind and loved sheep!
Sponsorship: $50/month



bogdanov-aleksandr-2016-copyAleksandr Bogdanov
DOB: 07/22/04
About Me: My name is Aleksandr but people call me Sasha. I live in the Kiev region of Ukraine. I’m starting 6th grade soon. I love soccer, jigsaw puzzles and construction kits. I go to Sunday School and dream of becoming a missionary. I am starting my new school soon so please pray for a good relationship with my teachers and classmates.
Sponsorship: $50/month



bogdanov-andrey-2016-copyAndrey Bogdanov
About Me: My name is Andrey and I live in the Kiev region of Ukraine. I am starting 4th grade soon in a new school. I like soccer, roller skating and riding a bicycle. I participate in many sports and am successful at many of them, but I prefer wheels (roller skates or bicycle!) I go to Sunday school and love to read my Bible.
Sponsorship: $50/month



bogdanova-sofia-2016-copySofia Bogdanov
DOB: 10/31/12
About Me: 
My name is Sofia and I live in the Kiev region of Ukraine. I am 3 years old and have some health issues. My physical development is below norm but my psychological development is normal. I go to Sunday school with my family.
Sponsorship: $50/month



bogdanova-svetlana-2016-copySvetlana (Sveta) Bogdanov
DOB: 05/14/10
About Me: My name is Sveta and I live in the Kiev region of Ukraine. I will start school this year. I am into dancing and will take gymnastics lessons. I go to church and Sunday school and love to pray with my family.
Sponsorship: $50/month



stupak-nastya-copyAnastasia (Nastya) Stupak
About Me: I’m Nastya Stupak.  I love my parents and older foster brother and have lived with them since I was little.  I love school too.  There I can study English and other subjects.  I do contests, competitions, theater and even win prizes for these.  I get home assignments that stump my parents and they are impressed at what I do in the 4th grade.  I go to church with my mom.  I remind everyone to pray especially before meals if they forget.
Sponsorship: $25/month



gurskaya-karina-2014-copyKarina Gurskaya
DOB: 04/29/04
About Me: I was born April 29, 2004, and live in Simferopol, Ukraine.  I am shy, smart, talented, caring, social and good-natured. At the orphanage, I was not accepted into a group and often sat alone by the wall.  I am still not used to taking care of myself but am trying to learn.  In school, I learn very quickly but don’t pay attention well so my grades are not the best.  I am talented in music and painting and attend singing and drawing classes.
Sponsorship: $25/month



shustov-vanya-2015-doc-copyIvan (Vanya) Shustova
About Me: My name is Ivan Shustov but people call me Vanya.  I was born on July 27, 2012.  I am 3 years old.  My mom’s name is Svetlana and we live in Kherson. I love playing with my friends; we paint and ride bikes together.  My favorite activity is to fix and repair everything with my little toy hammer.  I have a brother that I wrestle with and play football.  I also like to play with guitars and drums. I enjoy going to church, attending Bible class and all the celebrations we do together as a family.
Sponsorship: $25/month



hleborodov-viktor-2016-copyViktor Hleborodov
DOB: 06/26/08
About Me: My name is Viktor and I live in the Kherson region of Ukraine. This year, I finished 2nd grade – not with great success, but not too bad. My family hopes that with God’s help, I will continue to improve in development. I still have problems with my eyesight, but it has gotten a little better. Overall, I am a fun and cheerful kid! I love to go to church and Sunday school. I am really looking forward to church camp. I also pray for everybody by name.
Sponsorship: $25/month



petkivsky-roma-2015-copyRoma Petkivskiy
DOB: 05/13/99
About Me: I was adopted into my new family when I was 5 years old. I finished 9th grade in 2015 and have entered a college to become a pastry cook. My studies will last 2 years and I have already finished one successfully. I go to church and really love soccer. I’m the assistant coach for the soccer team at my church. I am a lively and curious young man. I love to cook and dream of opening my own restaurant.
Sponsorship: $50/month



losinskiye-copyKarina Losinskaya
About Me: I was born on January 31, 2007 and live in southern Ukraine. At first, it was difficult to adjust to life with my new family because I was not used to normal family life. Now things are starting to get easier but it is still a challenge each day because I have attention deficit disorder. My hope is to adjust and learn every day during this transition process from life in an orphanage to living in a Christian home.
Sponsorship: $50/month



hutornaya-polina-2014-eng-copyPolina Hutornaya
DOB: 07/27/08
About Me: My family and I prayed for a new home and we will move into a house where we will have lots of space and separate rooms.  That is so wonderful because I like to play by myself with my dolls and act out stories with them.  I am my mother’s helper in all the household affairs.  We to go to church.  We pray in church and at home. In the evening, the whole family reads the Bible and I take an active part in the discussion of Bible stories.
Sponsorship: $25/month



murashenko-nadya-2-2014-copyNadya Murashenko
DOB: 01/14/07
About Me: I was born January 14, 2007 and live in Kherson, Ukraine.  My loves are singing and dancing.  I love my older brothers, my true best friends. I communicate well with others.  At church, I am involved with dance, theater performances and sing in the children’s choir. I am learning to play the piano. I like to tell people I have two birthdays. One when I was born into this world and the other is when I was adopted.
Sponsorship: $50/month