Togo Orphan Care

Sponsor a child in Togo, Africa! All of the children below have lost at least one of their parents and are now living in a single parent home or with relatives. Sponsorships of $50/month help provide basic needs and education for the child.

To sponsor a child, please email the child’s name to

wotouagbe-kodjo-may-13-copyKodjo Wotouagbe
About Me: I am in 9th grade. My father died a year ago. I am the first of 8 children but two of them died because my parents could not care for their health needs properly. Now that my father is gone, the situation is worse. The six of us are living with my mother. I do very well in school.
Sponsorship: $50/month



adji-eric-copyEric Adji
About Me: I was born July 6, 2004 and currently live in Lome, Togo. My father died in 2012. There are five in my family. My poor mother struggles to care for all of us. I like playing soccer, love the Lord and am involved in local church activities, especially with the kids.
Sponsorship: $50/month



kpeglo-adjovi-abigail-copyAbigail Kpeglo Adjovi
About Me: My name is Abigail and I currently live in Lome, Togo. My father died six years ago, leaving behind my sister and myself. We are currently living with my poor mother. I am doing fine in school. I like singing and playing with friends. I am very active in the church and I love the Lord.
Sponsorship: $50/month



eda-meto-kaleb-copyKaleb Eda Meto
About Me: My name is Kaleb and I was born February 23, 2006. I currently live in Lome, Togo. I lost my mother and live with my grandmother, but her small business is not enough to help educate me. I like playing soccer as a hobby. I love the Lord and am involved in the Children’s Ministry.
Sponsorship: $50/month



adoli-ebenezer-copyEbenezer Adoli
DOB: June 2006 
(exact day unknown)
About Me: My name is Ebenezer and I was born in June 2006. I currently live in Lome Vessome, Togo. I love my father and now live with my aunt in a family of 7. I like playing soccer and singing. I am a Christian.
Sponsorship: $50/month



Edem Kongi Kokou
About Me: My name is Edem and I was born June 19, 2003. I currently live in Lome, Togo. I lost my father and am now living with my mother who is struggling to care for the five kids. There are seven people living in the same room. The education of all the kids is at stake since my mother is alone to fight for it. I am very active in my local church and love the Lord.
Sponsorship: $50/month