Togo: Lifewind International

KpowbieFamilyDaniel Kpowbie is the director of LifeWind International Ministries in Togo. After studying at the University of Lomé, Daniel received training in a program called Community Health Evangelism (CHE), which focuses on ministering to a person’s whole being; spiritual, physical, social, and emotional.

It provides practical methods for encouraging sustainable development in impoverished communities. Daniel, having a heart to serve his people, began ministry in Togo working throughout different villages and implementing the principles of CHE.  One of the programs Daniel began is called “Malaria Ends, Life Begins” (MELB).  In Lomé, the capital of Togo, one child in thirty dies from malaria. In this project, they partner with local churches to distribute insecticide treated bed nets to help prevent malaria and save lives. It also acts as a springboard for other CHE programs in the area.  Here is a report from the first MELB event: “The Malaria Ends Life Begins Project is now officially launched in the first church and the 100 requested nets were delivered to them during a two days evangelism program we had with them. We had 14 adults give their lives to Jesus.” – September 2011


Daniel not only implements CHE in his ministry in Togo but is also the West African regional contact for CHE, traveling to surrounding countries to aid in training and development. In 2011, he led the CHE training for MASTER Provisions’ partners in Niger.

MP sent our first container to Togo in January 2012 and took our first group trip to visit our partners in Togo in July 2012. 

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