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KpowbieFamilyOur partnership in Togo began in 2012.  Daniel Kpowbie, serves as a Country Coordinator for Community Health Evangelism (CHE) training for Medical Ambassadors in Togo.  We met him when he traveled to Niger in 2011 for one week to conduct CHE training for our friends at First Church Impact Mission.  CHE offers a holistic approach to community development through education, health awareness, farming, enterprise and church planting led by community/village leaders.  

MP’s three primary partnership initiatives in Togo involve farming, sewing and clothing. Mawuto (God’s) Farm was launched in 2014 to create jobs and grow crops with the help of a grant from the Zimmer Family Foundation of Sarasota, FL. Corn, soybeans, peanuts and a variety of fruits will be grown at Mawuto Farm. 15 acres are planted in 2015 after only several acres were harvested in 2014. A pond was built on the farm in the winter of 2015 to provide irrigation to grown multiple crops per year, an uncommon farming strategy in Togo. The Bill Adams Sewing Center was dedicated on July 1, 2015, through the generosity of Bill and Frances Adams of Lebanon, MO. The center started with jobs for 12 ladies and has the capacity to expand to 50 ladies employed to make children’s clothing and a variety of other items. Clothing is distributed through one or two annual container shipments to create additional jobs in the marketplace. Twenty people have jobs to distribute clothing in and around Lome, the capital city.

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