Kirill Bekhtold

bekhtoldAndrey and Alla Bekhtold met in Kiev where they both worked in a mission involved in media ministry. For quite a long time they lived in Kazakhstan (where Andrey comes from), and there they had their son Saveliy (June 5, 2007). Currently, they live in Tsurupinsk – a town where the orphanage for special needs children is located. Alla volunteered to come to the orphanage and teach the children wax-painting. It was there that she met Kirill (November 25, 1995) who attended all the meetings and just fell into her heart. This year he will turn 17. For several years, Kirill visited the Bekhtold’s and stayed with them for vacations and weekends. It was not long before Kirill came home to stay. For some time, the family’s housing would not permit them to pass the regulations for adoption, but My Home helped fund remodeling. The new house is spacious enough for Kirill and several more children, possibly some with special needs. Kirill has arthrogryposis – a medical condition where his joints are locked both in his legs and arms. Andrey and Alla believe that family is the best place for the children and are ready to serve them with all their strength and do their best to lead the children to God.