Alyona Chepeleva

chepelevaAlyona Chepeleva was born on March 8, 2003. Her life was full of tragedy and betrayals that hardened her heart and made her harsh. Her mother lost her parental rights, and for a period of time she was placed into a foster family where she became aggressive and violent. The family was not able to accommodate Alyona and they left her out on the streets. Shortly after child welfare service was looking to find her a family. They came to church and met the Chepelevas. The parents Sergey and Elena were serving the Lord on the worship team and raising two children, Yulia and Sasha. They prayed for some time about Alyona. God had long been calling them to adopt, and they decided to take in Alyona. She is about the same age as Yulia, which creates some rivalry between the girls, but the Lord is good. God is breaking down Alyona’s harden hearts, and she is learning to share and to settle disagreements without fighting and screaming.