Ukraine: My Home for Orphans

orphan1Master Provisions’ ministry began with clothing shipments to Ukraine. After communism fell in 1991, their monetary system crashed and what once would have bought a car now only bought a loaf of bread. While doing farming work in Ukraine, Joe Parker, original MP Board Chairman, saw a great need and challenged his friend, Roger Babik, to take action.

In 1994, we sent the first container of clothing to Kherson, Ukraine. Between 1994 & 2009, over 350 containers were shipped to southern Ukraine. Due to changes in Ukrainian government taxation policy, shipments to Ukraine ceased in 2010.

In 2003, the Lord opened Joe’s eyes and heart to another pressing need. There are over 100,000 orphans in Ukraine. The grim reality is that many orphaned boys end up in prison and girls in prostitution. Only about 10% of the children have actually lost both parents. The majority are social orphans, whose parents are in jail, battling drug and alcohol addictions, or are incapable of taking care of their children.

My Home For Orphans was established in 2003 to find loving Christian families in Ukraine willing to adopt these orphans. To encourage and support these families, Master Provisions developed a new branch of our ministry devoted to orphan care. We linked families in the States to provide financial support to the adoptive Ukrainian families.

Since 2003, over 180 children have been placed in Christian homes!  To sponsor a child in Ukraine, click HERE.

Here are some stories of the Children supported by My Home through the partnership with Master Provisions:

Kirill Bekhtold

Alyona Chepeleva

Sasha, Vania and Nastia Shtykhno

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