Niger: First Church Impact Mission


MP started partnership activities with FCIM through a clothing shipment that arrived in Niger in 2007. We have helped to build churches, a poultry farm and led mission trips including medical missions. 2015 is a year of strategic change for FCIM with operational headquarters moving to Kwame’s home town in Ghana.

FCIM will continue to focus on leadership training, church planting and strategic projects to produce jobs and income to support the mission. A farm and school will be built in Ghana at the mission headquarters.
Kwame’s daughter, Suzy, graduated magna cum laude with a BSN from Kentucky Christian University in May 2015. Suzy plans to assist FCIM with medical training and medical mission trips, working in the U.S. and throughout West Africa on a rotating basis.

FCIM has four churches planted in Niger. The worship center in Niamey was completed thanks to generous support from First Church of Christ in Burlington, KY. The poultry farm project is nearly complete awaiting some additional funding. FCIM has two churches planted in Burkina Faso. They have hosted regular medical mission clinics in partnership with FAME (Fellowship Associates of Medical Evangelism), based in Indianapolis.

Prayer is always welcomed and needed. Relying on God to answer the prayer requests in his timing is a principle that Kwame holds close to his heart. If you would like to partnerwith us in prayer for Niger, pray that God would soften the hearts of the Nigeriens in the predominantly Islamic nation that they would know the saving love of Jesus and that God would provide the funding for the poultry farm and medical clinic.

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