Kosova: Team Kosova

teamkosovaKosova is one of the six nations that used to be part of Yugoslavia. It is most economically challenged nation in the Balkans with extremely high unemployment rates. Kosova is located next to Albania, north of Greece. MP has partnered with Team Kosova since 2002, sending an average of four containers of good used clothing and shoes each year to meet clothing needs and create jobs.

55 families from in and around the capital city of Prishtina earn livable wages through clothing shops. Team Kosova does a great job of helping with infrastructure improvements in Kosova such as funding the placement of wells in Kosovar schools. They also operate Prishtina H.S., one of the best schools in the entire nation. Many of the teachers at the school are from the U.S. The school has the first chemistry lab in the nation thanks to equipment shipped in partnership with MP.

Mission trips to Kosova include visits to homes to provide food and clothing, serving at the school, working at an agriculture farm, visiting clothing shops and investing a lot of time with the beautiful people of Kosova. Kosovars have endured horrific circumstances including the war and genocide of the late 1990’s.