When you think of Bible names and the character of the person behind the name, what comes to mind when Daniel is mentioned? Strong, principled, convicted, fearless, faith-filled, bold or visionary, perhaps? Turn the clock forward 2500+ years and you are describing Togo native, Daniel Kpowbie (pronounced POH-BEE-YAY). Daniel is an outstanding leader for our newest strategic partnership that was launched in 2012. In addition to being a passionate evangelist and leader, he serves as a director for Lifewind International. Lifewind focuses on CHE (Community Health Evangelism) implementation in Togo.


The CHE model is a holistic approach to ministry and community enhancement that incorporates education, improved healthcare, clean water delivery, business development and church planting/evangelism led by appointed community leaders that are trained to train others. In addition to facilitating CHE implementation throughout Togo, Daniel travels throughout French-speaking West Africa to conduct CHE training to assist other missions.


Daniel is a man filled with wisdom and the Holy Spirit; a man devoted to prayer and service to mankind. He dreams, thinks and plans God-sized visions. The 3-part Kpowbie Vision:

1) CHE implemented in every village in Togo that will accept the program. Successful completion of a CHE project requires 3-4 years and an investment of approximately $5,000. CHE implementation includes appointing leaders who accept the CHE model, improving agriculture (including seed-planting initiatives), providing safe drinking water, adopting better health and hygiene standards, improving education, creating jobs and birthing a church.

2) Ministry Center Established in Lome, the capital city. Daniel purchased a small plot of land and started building a facility in 2002. The building remains under construction and already serves as a home, ministry and discipleship center, clothing distribution and sewing shop headquarters and future site of a third-story training center. (Our team stayed on the finished first floor and the Kpowbie family moved up to the unfinished second floor during the July mission trip.)

3) Multipurpose Farm Constructed outside of Lome. Daniel’s goal is to establish a 15-hectare (30 acre) farm in southern Togo. The site would be located in a region connected to the capital city by a good road to facilitate moving products to market. When fully completed, the farm would feature poultry and pig houses, fruit groves, vegetable plots and tilapia ponds for harvesting fish and ducks. Proceeds from the farm would fund CHE projects and many other ministry initiatives with the goal of self-sufficiency. Total project cost will be approximately $135,000.


In addition to our anticipated three container shipments of clothing each year and providing materials and notions for the sewing shop, MASTER Provisions is teaming up with Daniel and a medical evangelism ministry called HIMM (Heal International Medical Missions) to plan our first surgical and primary care medical team in Togo in January 2013. HIMM was established in response to the Haiti Earthquake Disaster and consists of a group of over 150 doctors committed to medical evangelism. The unique approach of this Texas-based ministry includes a mentoring and discipleship element where U.S. doctors partner with foreign-national doctors to share their lives, faith and medical practice. HIMM also incorporates an exchange program that sponsors foreign doctors to travel to other nations to build strategic partnerships amongst Christian surgeons and physicians across cultural boundaries. For example, a Togolese doctor would be sponsored to travel to Honduras to work in a medical clinic in partnership with a Honduran Christian doctor.


Like Daniel of Old Testament times, one man’s life can change a nation. Daniel Kpowbie is following God’s call to serve as a visionary leader to make both a practical and eternal impact in an impoverished West African nation. MASTER Provisions commits to reaching people with Christ’s love in Togo through a strong and growing partnership with Daniel Kpowbie and Lifewind International! Please join us in this great partnership by donating lightweight clothing and flat-soled shoes, offering financial support and remaining vigilant in prayer!


COMING SOON – Goat and a Bible!