Our MASTER Provisions Orphan Care Ministry (MASTER Care) moves precious orphans from government-run facilities in Ukraine into Christian homes within their native country.  Most of the orphans that we support were born into difficult situations, and many were abandoned at a very young age.


One little former orphan, Veronika Yatsyna, was both unwanted and discarded.  In fact, she was born amidst highly cruel and unusual circumstances in November, 2002.  In apparent desperation and feeling hopeless to raise a child, her biological mother, known only to our Lord, birthed her to die directly into a public outhouse facility.  Without God’s hand of intervention, she was doomed to die within a brief time.  An anonymous passer-by immediately heard the cries of a helpless newborn and courageously rescued her from the miry pit and certain death.  This amazing passerby servant cleaned the tiny infant up and dropped her off at a nearby orphanage in Kherson, Ukraine. Shortly thereafter, a grieving couple that had suffered a miscarriage was encouraged to consider adopting an unwanted baby in the infant ward where Veronika had been placed.  Baby Veronika seemed unusually resistant to being held by the caregivers at the orphanage.  However, when Mrs. Yatsyna picked her up, Veronika adored the cuddling and affection.  The couple felt the Lord was leading them to adopt Veronika.


After miraculously surviving this brutal birth experience, Veronika is growing up in the training and care of a godly Christian home as a member of the Yatsyna family.  She is a bubbly, vivacious girl with a zest for life. Veronika loves to pray and sing at church (even after the hymn ends).   God must have special plans for this rescued soul and former orphan, Veronika Yatsyna.