Our friendship with Lifewind International actually began in the summer of 2011 in Niger.  After our medical evangelism camp there, MP Administrative Assistant, Kristina Wheatley, stayed an additional week to attend CHE (Community Health Evangelism) training sessions for the church in Niamey.  The CHE model is a holistic approach to ministry and community enhancement that incorporates education, improved healthcare, clean water delivery, business development and church planting/evangelism led by appointed community leaders that are trained to train others.  MP flew Daniel Kpowbie (pronounced POH-BEE-YAY), a director of Lifewind International from Lomé, the capital city of Togo, to Niger to lead the training sessions.  Kristina observed that Daniel was a man full of vision, God’s wisdom, great energy and the power of the Holy Spirit.


Upon returning to the States, she recommended that we pursue an inquiry that Daniel had made earlier in the year about starting a partnership with Lifewind.  Our first step was to arrange to collect, sort and pack a container filled with 34,000 pounds of good clothing and shoes for shipment in January.  That container arrived in March.  (The second Togo-bound load of goods on June 16 marked the 500th MP Container shipment in our 18-year history.)  Our July 2012 mission team enjoyed the privilege of meeting most of the 25 people that now have jobs in Lomé.  Some of the testimonies were very moving.


One father, Kossi Kpowbie, indicated that he faced serious legal problems due to his inability to repay a debt and was going to be thrown into jail.  However, through the job created by selling clothing and shoes he was able to repay the debt.  He commented that children’s items, shoes first, were bought nearly immediately by many people since they are in great demand.


One 26-year old mother, Mally Lawoe, shared that she could not provide for her family or take care of her mother in a neighboring town.  Her success managing a micro business enterprise selling clothing allowed her to meet her family needs and purchase medicines to help her mother.


Esse Sedo, affectionately known as Mother at the church in Lomé, Togo, is a wonderful widow with a heart full of gratitude.  She enjoys providing a valuable service for her community as the lead manager of the clothing micro enterprise, which provides affordable used clothing and shoes for Togolese citizens.  Her son, an aspiring auto mechanic, was unable to afford the approximately 23,000 CFA (only $45 USD) needed to obtain his mechanic’s license.  Esse praises God that her son’s work with clothing allowed him to obtain that license!  Now, he is able to earn a living as a car repair specialist!  All of the men and ladies proudly wore the outfits given by MP donors.  They beamed while speaking from humble and sincere hearts that overflowed with gratitude.  They expressed personal thanks for the many people in the U.S. who have chosen to team up with MP to help thousands of needy people in Togo!